Chiller van rental in Dubai just got simple and affordable

Truck-Load or Less-Then-Truckload our chiller van rental Dubai solutions are here to fulfill your needs. We keep things simple and clear for our customers. Your Perishables are our assets and keeping them safe and cool is our principal responsibility. We understand that a chiller truck or Hiace chiller van for rent in Dubai can help keep temperature-sensitive commodities cool and fresh. when set to the required temperature.

Refrigerated truck rental can be a daunting task, especially in Dubai. Your Trust in Dubai Chiller Trucks makes your perishables in safe hands and only your worries perish. Our belief in trust, hard work, and commitment towards work have made our refrigerated transport business different from others. Our chiller van rental Dubai solutions are tailor-made for small and large businesses equally.

We believe Refrigerated transport services in Dubai should be more focused on customer requirements and have the ability to provide flexible and integrative solutions. A good freezer truck rental company should offer flexible terms and conditions and make the rental process easy. Our latest model refrigerated vehicles are always available for short-term or seasonal requirements for any sort of chiller van rental Dubai requirement.

Affordable Chiller Van Rental Solution

We have fleets of cool freights are available on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. Affordable rates with the highest quality standards. We have chill refrigerated vehicles from chiller van 1.5 Ton, 7-10 Ton Till 45ft riffer trailer capacity.
Chiller Van Rental With or Without Driver: Our Chiller Vans for rent are available with professional and licensed drivers. Contact us for more details.
Delivery of bulk groceries requires a temperature-controlled environment to keep the goods fresh & safe from any harm. We have a high-end fleet of temperature-controlled delivery vans which you can outsource with/without a driver to keep your goods fresh during delivery.
Chiller Truck Rental With or Without Driver: Our Chiller Trucks are available with professional and licensed drivers. Contact us for more details.
We specialize in refrigerated vans and trucks rental. Dubai Chiller Trucks is all about Chiller Van Rental Dubai. Our verified reefer vans and trucks are in use all across Dubai by all kinds of food-related and healthcare companies and small businesses alike. We offer flexible lease options, short-term or long-term options whether its a truckload or less-than-truckload. Refrigerated Transport is in our name and it’s at the core of what we do.

Mujahid Afridi

Mujahid Afridi


+971 52 277 3136

With more than a decade of experience in perishables transport behind him, Mujahid Afridi knows how to become a leader in the temperature-controlled transportation business. His friendly demeanor and dedication towards work have earned him the trust of many notable names in Dubai. He believes in complete transparency and customer satisfaction.

Chiller Van Rental Dubai

We are in the business of chiller van rental Dubai based solutions. Listening to clients requirements and providing them with the best solution according to their budget. Our rental terms are easy, affordable and completely flexible to clients requirements. Our Vehicles are quality checked both for health standards and mechanically fit. In the event of any malfunction, we provide an alternative within no-time. Dubai Chiller Trucks is a name of trust and quality when it comes to chiller truck rental Dubai. We have been in the industry for more than a decade now and that makes us strong and confident.

Freezer Van Rental

If you are looking for freezer truck for rent then give us a call. We have the most fast and reliable refrigerated truck for rent service in Dubai. We have all kinds of rent freezer truck. We have the following types available if you want to rent a freezer truck.

  • Reefer Van Rental
  • Roof chiller van for rent Dubai
  • Food truck rental Dubai
  • If you want refrigerated transport Dubai then give us a call. We will handle all the hassle of transporting your products. We have the most versatile refrigerated van rental service Rent a Chiller Van Dubai

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    Why Dubai Chiller Trucks for Rent in Dubai are High in Demand ?

    The advantage of rent a freezer truck at Dubai Chiller Trucks is that we offer you tailor-made options. Generally, the bespoke options include:

    • Multiple compartments: Some businessmen deal with more than one product with different temperature requirements. At this point, a single compartment reefer van may not be the right selection. So at Dubai chiller van, we offer the multiple rack option to our clients who desire it.
    • Strip curtains: Reefer van rental vehicles require strip curtains when the chances of the door opening in the truck are high. This can be because more deliveries are lined up so the doors are more likely to open. In this way, heat from outside will enter the truck and disturb the inner temperature. So the strip curtains block the heat from outside and the temperature remains unaffected.
    • Higher insulation: Some people require thicker insulation to maintain ambient temperature.
    • Slip-proof floors: We offer slip-resistant floor too, that make the loading of the shipment easier and quick.

    Demand for chiller vans has increased immensely due to the recent pandemic. People prefer to stay indoors and get their favorite foods delivered to their homes. So, food that is temperature-sensitive like cakes should be delivered safely. If the order is not delivered properly, the companies might ruin their reputation as they probably have spoiled someone’s special moment by inefficient service. This way people will stop considering their products. This is why different businesses that deal with perishable products consider chiller vans for rent to carry out their duty properly. Dubai Chiller Trucks has a wide range of chiller trucks according to the needs of various businesses. Moreover, we have customized offers as well.

    The businesses that deal with short-lived items, that rot or spoil at high temperatures and remain of no use need reefer van rental. These kinds of products, when delivered at different places require chiller vans for rent that provide them appropriate temperature to retain their quality and appearance. Our company possesses well-established chiller vans that will furnish you with an untroubled journey. The following businesses require a refrigerated van Dubai to make their deliveries effortless.

    • Fruits, vegetables, frozen food, meat, milk, eggs, fish
    • Cakes and confectioners
    • Medicines
    • Flowers and plants
    • Cosmetics
    • Beverages

    Rent a freezer truck helps these industries to maintain a caliber and deliver the food items following the hygiene practices.

    Let’s discuss point by point why it is compulsory to hire food truck rental in Dubai. 1. Shield your products The protection and the safety of the products are actually for preventing them from becoming hazardous. The eatables should be handled carefully as the harmful bacteria due to the inappropriate temperature can be fatal to the consumers. This can arise a legal action against you. Similarly, the medicines are a cure to various diseases so the right temperature makes them effective. On the other hand, due to the lack of proper temperature the pharmaceuticals can be dangerous to consume. Chiller vans for rent provide the appropriate temperature to these commodities and save you from bundles of problems.

    2. Renting Provides You Assistance

    When you rent a chiller van from a reliable company like Dubai Chiller Trucks, you will be assisted whenever you require it. You can set the temperature ranges according to your requirements and even add the customized features.

    3. Submissiveness to the Laws and Regulations

    The food authorities inspect the businesses so that the products they are supplying are safe. The Food Safety Modernization Act ensures that the food is processed and delivered following hygiene habits. Refrigerated transport in Dubai acknowledges all the rules and regulations and follows them so that you don’t fall into trouble.

    4. Effortless Loading and Delivery

    Our chiller vans for Rent Company ensures that our client gets an effortless loading and unloading of his shipment making the process smooth. Our hardworking staff is always ready to serve our clients. We ensure you a timely and effective delivery.

    At freezer truck Dubai there are different types of chiller vehicles that provide temperature to particular products. Here are a few of them:

      • Full freezer van: The full freezer vans contain thick insulation of 75mm and 100mm that maintain a temperature of -20°C and -25°C. These vans have reinforced doors to achieve the freezing climate.
      • Semi-freezer van: With thick 75mm Styrofoam insulation, semi-freezer vans can maintain temperatures as low as -10°C. These vans contain a defrost system as well.
      • Chiller vans: Along with a 50mm thick insulation, these vans also possess a refrigeration unit. The chiller unit allows them to maintain the temperature well enough for the products traveling.
      • Insulation-only vans: These contain only insulation without any chiller or a refrigeration unit. These are not ideal for the delivery of food. Nonperishable items can be transported in an insulation only van.

    Dubai Chiller Trucks has the best reefer trucks available with the complete specification that suits any of the business needs. Our freezer truck Dubai packages are economical and we respect the laws to prevent trouble.

    This concerns most of the beginner business men that how to search the right vehicle for their business. Among numerous chiller vans for rent, which one is the ideal vehicle for them? The search for the reefer van rental should begin with the exploration of a reliable company that offers a great package at an affordable price. Next is the temperature range requirement of your shipment in the chiller vans for rent, you are looking for. Refrigerated transport in Dubai offers the right range of temperature for every product you need to ship. The size of the chiller vans for rent is also important to analyze. How big your cargo is all you should evaluate. Freezer van for rent in Dubai is available in various sizes to suit your freight. Refrigerated van Dubai payload should also be considered. And the vehicle should be selected accordingly.