From Refrigerated Transport to Chiller Van Rental in Dubai

Talking about Chiller Van Rental in Dubai, let’s delve into some history of Frozen transport.  A long history associated with different means of transport over time. We feel that it is necessary to share with our readers and customers interesting facts related to refrigerated transport. Here are 10 cool facts you need to know. Don’t forget to share the link on social media if you like it because sharing is caring.

Chiller Van Rental in Dubai - Short History of Refrigerated Transport
life of Thermo King’s ‘King of Cool’ Frederick McKinley Jones – Picture-Copyright reserved with Thermoking

From Refrigerated Transport to Chiller Van Rental in Dubai – 10 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. Before the advent of refrigerated shipping, agricultural products could only travel 50 miles by road. Most food spoils before it reaches its destination.
  2. The early days of frozen transport began in the 19th century. Railroad cars and trains were loaded with foodstuffs such as meat, milk and other edibles and transported to other cities. Large ice blocks were used to keep the temperature cool.
  3. Fredrick McKinley Jones invented the first automatic mechanical refrigerator truck. He founded the American Thermo Control Company, known as Thermo King, an industry leader. Fredrick Jones was a black African-American who held more than 60 patents.
  4. Every year, more than 35 million containers of refrigerated transport are transported around the world.
  5. The refrigerated container has a cooling power source that operates independently of the truck driving it. Constant temperature keeps contents cool and fresh.
  6. Refrigerated trucks are designed to last a very long time on the road. With good care and maintenance, a refrigerated truck can last over a million miles.
  7. Refrigerated trucks are also known as refrigerated trucks for short. Some also call them refrigerated trucks or freezers.
  8. Different types of refrigerated trucks are used to transport different weights. A van can carry up to 1 ton, a medium sized truck can carry 3- tons and 10 tons.
  9. Refrigerated trucks can maintain different temperatures. Place it in normal freezing temperature, freezing temperature or -20 degree freezing temperature.
  10. In addition to food, refrigerated trucks also transported other products, including medicines, artwork, flowers, bees, perfumes, electronics, etc.

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