By renting from Dubai Chiller Trucks, you won’t have to worry about your temperature sensitive product during transport or throughout an event. Refrigerated and freezer trucks are available from most commercial vehicle rental companies as well as transport companies that specialize in cold storage and hauling. They are generally available for most business use and it is not common to find them for personal use. It is important to make your booking for Expo 2020 as soon as possible because these vehicles are in high demand.

The quality of the temperature control unit that you will require will depend entirely on the cargo that you are hauling. The most basic system relies on an ice cooling model, but dry ice (carbon dioxide) can also be used as a cooling agent for better cooling. The most advanced systems utilize full refrigeration units, often powered by a small diesel generator, and offer proper temperature control.
The actual cost of freezer trucks depends on two individual factors. Firstly, the type of cooling system that the chiller truck uses and, secondly, the size of the freezer trucks or trailers. The daily rental fare can also vary depending on the duration you require the truck and the distance you require. Dubai Chiller Trucks is open to negotiation, especially if you require the truck for more than a month. We can extend give one month FREE rental if the contract exceeds from half year to full year.

Products that Need to be Kept at a Specific Temperature Throughout the Journey.

beauty supply Dubai chiller trucks

Beauty Products Across the UAE

A chiller van for rent in UAE and other temperature-touchy vehicles are preferably designed to achieve the low-temperature level. Most refrigeration units can cater to a wide variety of temperature ranges, but a quality unit will be required if freezing is required. It has a built-in refrigeration gadgets to offer the proper cooling so that the products remain of their pre-shipped country when they reach their vacation spot. Dubai Chiller Trucks got the experience and the fleet to help you with all aspects of delivery van for rent.

Beauty products & cosmetics supply

Chiller Van for Cosmetics Supply in UAE Reasons for Renting

As previously mentioned a freezer trucks & vans are the most commonly used for delivery items that will spoil if not kept within a certain temperature range. Therefore, this may include; meat and dairy products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, beauty cosmetics, frozen products, and any other products that may spoil. Similarly, they are also required, on occasion like Expo 2020 is the most hyped event in which a lot of products delivery required like medical supplies and hazardous goods that need to be kept at a low temperature for safety reasons.

The protection of beauty cosmetics and other products, regardless of weather conditions, is the biggest asset of refrigerated van for sale in Dubai. This method is quite helpful in the safe hauling and transportation of beauty products across the country. It also specializes in transporting plants , pharmaceuticals , and personal care products that can’t be delivered by a dry van.

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    Freezer Truck Rental FAQs

    What are Freezer Trucks?

    Freezer truck bodies are ideal for ice cream and frozen food distribution. We equip all refrigerated bodies with an eutectic refrigeration system. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly, reliable and maintenance-free alternative to conventional cooling systems.

    How Much Does a Frozen Truck Rental Cost?

    It depends on whether it is new or used, its size, and model. For instance, the actual cost of this type of truck depends on two separate factors. Firstly, the type of cooling system that the truck uses and, secondly, the size of the truck or trailer.

    Which Vehicle Brands Are Commonly Used For Freezer Van?

    The most common vehicle brands in the refrigerated truck industry are Ford, Freightliner, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Hino.

    How Does A Freezer Trucks Work?

    A freezer truck works just like a home freezer. It has an insulated and airtight compartment where heat is continuously removed by a refrigeration unit until the right temperature is achieved and then maintained.

    Dubai Chiller Trucks is one of a growing number of small businesses jumping on supplying the beauty cosmetics to differentiate themselves. Therefore, “Beauty in the past few years has become kind of stale. Similarly, this concept really goes to where the customers are, instead of waiting for them to come.” It isn’t only the extra attention that makes the beauty truck trend appealing to entrepreneurs. In addition, as they expand their brand’s reach, here is a look at four benefits of going mobile – and what you can learn by taking your business on the road.

    How Do Freezer Trucks Stay Cold?

    Refrigerator freezer truck rental stay cold through continued refrigeration or removal of heat from the airtight and insulated box.