Types of Food Trucks offered by the Dubai Chiller Trucks:

We offer different types of food trucks and a wide range of food trucks for rent in Dubai. You will have the freedom to choose according to your needs.

You can also lease a nourishment truck, nourishment trailer, Dropbox, and street food truck from the Dubai chiller truck. We also offer chiller food truck rental. It is great for the food items that are needed to be stored at lower temperatures. All different trucks have various specifications. So, you have the option to choose the best truck that fits all your requirements. You can contact us with your complete requirements and check availability of the vehicles, and we will try our best to help you get your desired food truck. Our company also offers chiller truck rental and freezer truck rental at very affordable rates throughout the UAE. We assure you that we offer the best rates all over the UAE. For food truck rental Dubai and for further details feel free to contact us and our representatives will be more than happy to help you. We never compromise on the quality of service that we provide. We have the finest vehicles and the greatest team on board to provide you with the best service and assist you with all your queries.

The Best Chiller Van Rental in Dubai
Refrigerated Van Rental for Caterings & Beverages

frozen food items

Frozen Food Items

Integrated the temperature range of 3H1(1~10℃), used Multideck Cabinet Cooler is specially designed for vegetable and fruits display in Supermarkets. As an energy-efficient cooler in our chiller trucks and vans, available in various Mitsubishi configurations. Think about many frozen food freezer truck rental in a single spot. We offer the best rates, organize logistics, and ensure the food truck appears with all you need. It gives you more opportunities to salivate over the cuisines & beverages.

food and beverages

Make Your Customers Happy by Choosing Best Rental Food Trucks

Just because you open a food truck does not mean hordes of foodies will be flocking to line up at it. Private catering, corporate events, team lunches, food truck lots, weddings and large public events are where you will see your best crowd and grow your business from. The food truck business can be rewarding. If you've ever thought about making good meals on the go. Choose the best chiller truck from thousands of food truck rental Dubai and let guests customize individual orders during your event. No matter whatever the requirements are, every gourmet will be satisfied by our freezer van rental service. .

Events for Chiller Trucks

Celebrate Any Event with Us

Choose the best chiller truck from thousands of food truck rental Dubai and let guests customize individual orders during your event. No matter whatever the requirements are, every gourmet will be satisfied by our freezer van rental service.

Treat your guests to a yummy, mouth-watering cuisines & beverages. Whether for a special celebrations of business meetings or gatherings, wedding, multi-city event series, community events, private parties, or corporate events or any festive event, Dubai Chiller Truck makes it simple to book another memorable event. Being the host with the most has never been easier.

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    Food Truck Rental FAQs

    How Can I Start a Small Food Truck Rental Business in Dubai?

    The first cost to consider is your trade license. You can obtain a food truck rental and beverage license from Fujairah Creative City, inclusive of one visa, for AED 22,200. Moreover, on top of this you’ll need to factor in the cost of your food safety license, your kitchen and premises, and app development.

    Is owning a Food Truck Worth it?

    Yes, food trucks can earn a lot of money. However, most of them typically spend almost all they make. Unfortunately, your fixed costs don’t change, and your bills come due every month. You can earn a decent living as a food truck owner only if you intend to work in the truck.

    What Industries Use Refrigerated Trucks?

    It may be beneficial for you to buy a refrigerated van. Therefore, keep reading to check out this list of businesses that definitely need to invest in a temperature controlled vehicle.

    • Catering Companies.
    • Meal Program Coordinators.
    • Florists.
    • Butchers.
    • Frozen Treats and Beverages.
    Do Food Truck Rental Make Good Money?

    In the UAE alone, the food truck industry is valued at over $2 billion. What’s more, food trucks are growing 1.1% faster than commercial restaurants.

    What Kind of Food Do Food Trucks Serve?

    Barbecue. Barbecue is a great concept because it combines low-cost food with high appeal.
    Cupcakes. This food trend has proved its staying power.

    • Paninis
    • Organic and Local Fare
    • Arabic Regional Cuisine
    • Waffles
    • Burgers