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August 27, 2021
Refrigerated Truck Rental

How to Hire Chiller Vans and Refrigerated Truck Rental?

What is the Purpose of Refrigerated Truck Rental? The Refrigerated Truck Rental and Vans are built for chilling, freezing or split-temperature transport to ensure perishable goods stay […]
August 12, 2021
Why Your Business Require a Chiller Transport

Why Your Business Require a Chiller Transport ?

The temperature is going up day by day, In Dubai, the temperature is warming everyone and everything now. However, for sending things that need refrigerated temperature, […]
July 8, 2021
Reefer vehicles

The Connection of Reefer vehicles and the Recent Covid-19 Outbreak

You might be wondering how reefer vehicle rental in Dubai can have a connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. The recent situation has lead to the stay-home […]
July 8, 2021
cold storage trucks

Why A Good Rental Company Is Important To Achieve Ideal Cold Storage Trucks?

Refrigerated vehicle assists various food companies to make timely and efficient deliveries. The food items require a certain temperature to deliver them safely. This is why […]
June 1, 2021
Rent A Refrigerated Van

What Should Be My Budget When I Plan To Rent A Refrigerated Van?

Refrigerated van hire is increasing day by day. The businesses that transport perishable items depend upon refrigerated vans to deliver their products safely. But the businesses […]
June 1, 2021
Why Are Refrigerated Vans Important For My Business?

Why Are Refrigerated Vans Important For My Business?

Refrigerated vans are highly advantageous to the industries dealing with perishable products. Due to the refrigerated vans, the transport of temperature-sensitive products has become easier. However, […]
September 13, 2019

Cold Connect to become a Hultsteins Company in the UK

September brings another news to the Refrigerated Transport world as two innovative companies join together for a big goal. Hultsteins, a major player in the cold-chain […]