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Chiller Food Van for Your Confectionaries

Dubai Chiller Trucks cool transport L.L.C is refrigerated rental service for food vehicle on rent and truck or freezer truck Dubai with over 100+ refrigerated trucks, chiller vans, goods van rental and catering trucks in the fleet. Dubai Chiller Truck is the home of food trucks in Dubai. We are experts in the delivery van for rent in Dubai for a great range of food trucks, chiller vans, refrigerated trucks and trailers. We provide you with a novel and enticing way of visiting your customer with food on wheels; whatever type of food you are looking for delivery, you will be able to supply it professionally and hygienically in one of our awesome chilled food vehicles. Street food is not only famous the world over but incredibly sought after and at DCT we provide you with the perfect range of vehicles from which to sell it

We deliver your bakery items through our unique delivery truck for rent and chiller van rental transport for your events, gatherings, parties, marriage ceremonies, birthdays or your businesses. All type of Cakes , confectionery, food, hot drinks, edibles , cookeries , cuisines , caterings need certain temperature control trucks and temperature control vans for delivering your bakery and baked goods categories like bars, breads (bagels, buns, rolls, biscuits and loaf breads), cookies, desserts (cakes, cheesecakes and pies), muffins, pizza, snack cakes, sweet goods (doughnuts, Danish, sweet rolls, cinnamon rolls and coffee cake) and tortillas, from one place to another which you book for you and yours's beloved ones good health.

Welcome to the Home of Food Trucks in Dubai


Fresh Goods and Confectionaries Deliveries

Dubai is one of the most known places in United Arab Emirates because if it’s relatively large and diverse population. Many races share different cultures in the area and one beautiful example of this is the variation of confectionaries available. One example of this is unique bakery items. There are tons of delicious and extraordinary cakes that you can find in the entire area of Dubai.

Our Chiller Van rental Dubai or Refrigerated Vans have advanced cooling system, so it can keep any sort of item at precisely the necessary temperature. We work all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and can give any sort of chiller van rental for frozen and cold vehicle. With refrigerated vehicle limit of up to 1 ton, we have a scope of Mitsubishi , Toyota HiAce refrigerated and chiller van Dubai and reefer, with and without driver for lease on every day, week by week and month to month premise.

cakes and pastries

Make Your Customers Happy by Choosing Best Van Rental Dubai

Every person has a different taste and choice when it comes to the selection of fresh bakery items, which are an important part of celebrations. Our refrigerated services of special cakes or any other confectionary items includes Rusk Toast, biscuits, donuts, Bread & Buns, Belgian Waffle Premix, Waffle Cone Premix, Pastry, Ice Cream Raw Materials, Muffin & Cupcakes, and others. We also have dairy product varieties based on the requirements. You can hire our chiller vans for your events across Dubai, Abu Dhabi at the convenience of your shop and we will make sure that it is delivered well on time. All our fresh items are delivering with the help of skilled drivers who diligently work hard to come up with one of the finest delivers. If you have missed out on an occasion, don’t worry, our delivery vehicles will save you.

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    Chiller Van Rental Dubai

    Are We Providing Chiller Van With Driver or Without Driver??

    We have Mitsubishi and Thermo King Chiller Van Rental, with driver or without driver for rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly base. Refrigerated transportation range up to 1 ton and 3 ton. 

    Need a Chiller Van Rental for Delivery?

    Dubai Chiller Truck has an excellent cooling arrangement, so it can keep any sort of goods to stay cool and fresh, refrigerated if you require it and good We can deliver your goods anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any state of UAE. We consider clients’ demands, therefore why we try to give the best achievable service.

    Hire Toyota HiAce Chiller Van Rental in Dubai

    Our Responsibilities

    1. Furnish you with the best achievable rates, hence conservation and affordability for you.
    2. Provide you thoroughly clean and reliable vehicles, so your goods stay fresh & fine.
    3. 24 hours of services working for any delivery at any time.
    4. Fuel Vouchers available always, hence complete transparency.
    5. We believe in justice and honesty, so you can imagine us.

    Customers Duties

    1. The client shall be liable for toll prices so, the client shall bear the expense for Salik / Toll charges.
    2. The cost of fuel incurs on the client so, the client pays for fuel damage charges.
    Do You Need a Chiller Van or Freezer Van for Rent?

    Dubai Chiller Truck leads to a fleet of rental vehicle company in Dubai, hire any kind of vehicle on your requirements like Freezer Truck, Chiller Truck, Reefer Truck, Trailer Truck, Pick Up 1 Ton, Chiller Van, Freezer Van, Refrigerated truck and Refrigerated Van for rent that is able to deliver your fresh and healthy products at accuracy timing, guaranteeing your sensitive products (bread goods, Fresh Goods, Meat, Frozen, cakes, pastry, donuts etc.) are well-perceived duty of.

    Above all, our chiller truck and chiller Van produce a quality of cooling capabilities from +5 C and depressed to subzero levels of -25 C. Therefore, all our Operators are Qualified. Permitted (with Occupational Health Cards) by Dubai Municipality to manipulate and Move Fresh bakery items and Prepared Food Goods and Gains.

    Chiller Van Rental

    Dubai Chiller Truck is a one-stop frontline solvent for the protected transport of temperature-sensitive materials. In addition, We have an extensive fleet of rental freezer trucks individually designed for transporting perishable goods that not only include food objects like fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, dairy products, confectionery but also the most heat-labile of materials like pharmaceuticals or other petrochemical substances. Also, their firm belief in living by these protocols synergized with professionally trained handlers upholds the quality confidence that client’s treasure.

    Do We Have Types of Chiller and Refrigerated Vehicles?

    If we discuss the UAE transportation business, many clients have various requirements. As an assistance provider, we need to keep all those requirements. Let’s list down some of the customer’s needs:

    • Needs vehicle with tail lift
    • Requires transportation with barrier
    • Wants to produce chilled and refrigerated items in the corresponding box
    • Calls pay by the vehicle
    • Freezer Truck 3.5 Ton
    • Chiller Truck 3 Ton With Tail Lift
    • Freezer Truck 4.2 Ton with Partition
    • Chiller Van for rent
    • Mitsubishi HiAcechiller van for rent in 2021
    • 1- 3-ton pickup for rent in Dubai
    • Temperature controller
    • Trailer Truck for rent
    • Ice Box for Rent
    • Reefer Truck or van for rent in Dubai.


    1. Putting all the above terms we adjusted all our vehicles and trailers equally so that to meet customer needs and wants. Sometimes customer needs light wheels like 1-ton vehicle so such conditions.
    2. we present our refrigerated trucks Mitsubishi HiAce freezer van and chiller van for rent. So, advance us and use our Vehicle Rent and call us on below associations.