Chiller van for rent

Freezer Van for Rent

A wide range of chilled transportation is available from DUBAI CHILLER TRUCK LLC, including freezer and chiller van rentals in Dubai. We help you go out beyond the confines of your store and engage with a wider audience without compromising the quality of your products in transit.

We offer TOYOTA Haice Freezer vans. especially for yogurt, frozen goods, and office supplies for our esteemed clientele. For customers who require temperatures between -5 and -18 degrees Celsius, Over Company offers freezer trucks on a month-to-month basis. We would prefer to offer the office the ability to hire a Chiller Van on a daily, monthly, or annual basis in the event of an incredibly unexpected development. Given that we are accessible throughout the UAE

In the last +15 years of doing business in the UAE, Over Organization built client confidence; as a result, we are merely called upon to assist you. Cooler Car in United Arab Emirates

We have the office to give any scope of capacity limit;

Cooler Truck 3.5 Ton
Chiller Truck 3.5 Ton With Tail Lift
Cooler Truck 4.2 Ton With Parcel
Chiller Van 1.5 Ton
Cooler Van 1.5 Ton
Chiller Van 1 Ton
Cooler Van 1Ton
Toyota Haice high Roof
7 ton pickup

Freezer Van for Rent – Cooler Van for Rent

There are several businesses in Dubai from which to choose if you’re searching for a freezer van rental service that is both dependable and convenient. For the transportation of goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature, such food, medications, or valuable cargo, these cars are perfect. You can find a variety of options at affordable prices, regardless of how long you need a van for—a few hours or several days. Modern refrigeration systems and comprehensive insurance are provided by certain rental firms, together with well-maintained vans to provide consistent temperature control and monitoring. Choose a supplier who offers a welcoming customer support team, no additional fees, and a flexible leasing policy. Having access to a freezer van rental service allows you to easily transport perishable or temperature-sensitive goods throughout Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


Here are a few companies that hire refrigerator vans and frozen vans in the United Arab Emirates. Each company offers varying quality services related to chiller shipping.

In the meantime, semi freezer vans for rent offer a better refrigeration capacity than chiller vans and have more sophisticated insulation, measuring approximately 75 millimeters thick. Transporting frozen foods and other goods that must remain below freezing is possible with these Chiller trucks. Additionally, it features rapid defrost features that do away with the need for a defrost warmer.






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